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Mine-Or Changes

Mine Country 102.1 FM isn’t going anywhere but it is going through changes as ownership transitions. Begun by Bill and Tamara Pace it transitioned in 2014 to Steve Edmondson and now in 2017 the reigns pass to Reese Janca of Green Lion.

Transitions can be frightening things as one wonders if they will lose what they have come to know and enjoy from the radio station.

My station philosophy is Mi Radio Su Radio! I want KYRN 102.1 FM to continue with the country and western music that the station our loyal listeners enjoy daily while creating more programs to share what is enchanting about rural living in the crossroads of agriculture, history, technology, wilderness and astronomy intersecting in the City of Socorro.

Bringing a new vision means changes will come but not changes you won’t have an ability to participate in.

Sponsorship and advertising is important to keeping the station on air and paying the dues associated with bringing you entertainment every day. Our sponsors and advertises due a great deal already in shaping the music, programs and features of the station by the content they directly help keep on air.  Mine Country will soon add a sponsorship and advertiser page to host the logos and website links of our sponsors and advertisers to help you know and find the business and organizations that support your KYRN 102.1FM

We can all give KYRN supporters and advertisers our gratitude by looking to them first when considering goods or services we need in our daily lives. Your vote as an individual is supporting and valuing our sponsors and soon we will give you other online and call-in opportunities to voice your opinions. Martin Luther King once stated, “at the base of any riot is an unheard voice” and I hope to hear the voices of this great rural community we call home here in the central Rio Grande River Valley.

Mine Country is no different from any of the many small businesses and individuals working out of home. We are not a big national radio conglomerate. I am a local man who believes in American individualism and supporting my neighbors. Changes comes from the hearth and flows in to the community.

My aim is to make your days and trips more enjoyable by broadcasting music and programs you know and love while introducing you more to this wonderful community, the places that surround it, the faces and personalities that give it vitality and all the current activity and history that meet at the crossroads here in Socorro.

Mi Radio Su Radio! KYRN 102.1FM
Reese Janca

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