Is George Funkhouser to be the new owner of Socorro Community Radio?

In February of 2018, Socorro Community Radio LLC was revoked and not in good standing for failing to keep a registered agent on file with the New Mexico Secretary of State as an LLC licensed to do business in the State of New Mexico. As Socorro Community Radio LLC is the rightful owner of Sovereign City Radio’s and Bill Pace’s interest in KYRN inherited by Tamara Pace, it was disappointing to learn Steve Edmondson the self-proclaimed owner of Socorro Community Radio sole-proprietorship did not keep this paperwork current with New Mexico state. In his defense, he is a full time athletic director and basketball coach at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque Iowa since leaving the community of KYRN coverage in June of 2017 when he didn’t file a notice to go silent or an agreed to transfer of ownership with the FCC with Green Lion before leaving to take up his new job out of state. Green Lion LLC’s Mr. Janca in a sales agreement to purchase Socorro Community Radio upon learning this the week of February 26th, immediately drove to Santa Fe and filed as registered agent and brought Socorro Community Radio LLC in to good standing again with the New Mexico Secretary of State. Now George Funkhouser who has been to both court hearings on March 19th and April 23rd with Steve Edmondson is the new registered agent for Socorro Community Radio. Is George Funkhouser as the registered agent and recipients of equipment originally sold to Green Lion with purchase agreement for Socorro Community Radio LLC, now the Edmondson approved of owner for KYRN?

Stay tuned!

Note: Self proclaimed is chosen since a sales agreement to transfer ownership within an LLC executive management or in a transfer of ownership of an LLC to a new owner where an FCC Broadcast operational license is involved requires the FCC approve the ownership transfer either internally or externally. No such document was filed with the sales agreement between Tamara Pace and Steve Edmondson in 2014. Secondly, William H. Pace was the sole member of Socorro Community Radio LLC according to the IRS in June 2014 when Steve claimed in an FCC filing that he was the Director of the Sole Proprietorship Socorro Community Radio which is listed in 2018 as an LLC with New Mexico Secretary of State. Steve Edmondson’s ownership is then considered self-proclaimed because it has yet to be substantiated as fact.