Mine Country Newlywed Widow Swindle

Now men die fast and younger than women as is commonly known and in the west where there are mines and deeds to be claimed jumping a widow’s claim brings many an unscrupulous varmint wealth and fame.

Mine Country has such a tale to be told but to unravel the crime one must go back in time and learn how fate’s design cutting two threads in close unison brings the vulnerable like cream to the top and the devil can’t stop himself from taking a draught from troubles creamy foam to claim a Mine for his very own.
Virgil Vigil was well known in the land having been the program director and managing director of more than one radio station broadcasting in the land of enchantment. His playlist are still talked about to this very day that played a piper’s welcoming tune from the mist of KMXQ to the dawn of KYRN. He was a friend of William H. Pace better known as Bill. Bill owned one radio station prior to KYRN but sold the KMXQ and when due to fraud, embezzlement and an excess the Golden Goose of KMXQ lost local coverage and ownership the ship had sailed. Bill availed himself beginning in 2009 to bring the local radio station back but the old claim wouldn’t be sold and in 2010 we are told Manny Marquez and George Funkhouser sat in the Warrior stands without a mic and Bill kept himself up at night. Bill told the local paper as the August moon rose in 2010 the conflict didn’t look to resolve soon and he didn’t know when the Emergency Communications and Warrior games would return. December’s chill didn’t bring any comfort when Bill’s wife of more than twenty winters was also called home at the end of 2010.

Fraud at the Mine an Old West Tale–Today

Fraud is harmful to the economic engines of our society and can completely destroy the small business aspirations and existence so vital to local economies when simple acts of bad faith between a seller representing something for sale to a buyer are fraudulent and wealth is generated from dishonesty over productivity. The wealth of effort in working the plow is lost to the effort of wielding the sword where only attorneys profit and the fruit in the field goes wasted and unharvested at the time of seasonal yield.
NPR recently did a piece examining fraud from the perspective of one person now doing time for their fraud asking the question about the psychology of fraud. Importantly in this piece we see how the lie that starts the fraud balloons and how more fraud and lies are committed to hide the first one to where it becomes a moral imperative to defend one’s actions in order not to be revealed. This is why folks will spend $100 to win a penny because it is about protecting the lie of the first crime not the money. Oddly, the people committing the fraud often find others to help them who genuinely believe they are helping the person. Doesn’t this description fit the model of ‘psychological enablers’ because instead of confronting the person they enforce and support the bad behavior. Yet, as we find with psychological experiments with social authority and conformity, the individual psychology is often pliable to the will of others if the appearance of authority is created and if the individual has no loyal ally to confront the group error.

The harmful part is the damage the fraud does to the buyer as corporation comprised of individuals and the community economically and psychologically when a public resource is involved.

Fraud at the Mine begins on April 27th 2017 when Mine Country 102.1FM was placed for sale. Initially all the pretenses are believable. A man in an answer to a prayer gets an opportunity to fulfill his dream to be a basketball coach and agrees to leave the state in 30 days and needs to sell a radio station that fell in to his lap from a widow after being hired as a sales person ninety days prior. It does happen legitimately. The buyer recognizes the short time frame required to complete the transition and being offered an affordable price to begin the endeavor engages in a sales agreement to purchase the radio station and release the seller to follow their dreams. The buyer makes the arrangements and together seller and buyer transfer the mining operation to the buyer’s control. The seller leaves the state to start a new job against the terms of his license. After faithfully making payments toward a two year term ending in July 2019 and transferring all expenses but one, it is time for the seller to transfer the license to the buyer and allow the last remaining expense and all liabilities for the station operation to transfer. Transferring the license is important to legitimize the sale and for the buyer to take on the full responsibilities of the station. The transfer will take 2 to 3 months and must be approved by the licensing body. The seller who has now received 37.5% of the sell price refuses and demands 62.5% of the sale price to fulfill his obligation. The next month the buyer with 62.5% in hand is now told they need 75% for the seller to comply. The buyer brings 75% and now the seller demands 100% and refuses again. At this point the buyer contacts the licensing agency, the licensing agency states the sale can’t be complete until it is reviewed, monies should be refunded to the buyer and a ‘plain as vanilla’ sales agreement should be filed with the ownership transfer request immediately and the form is attached to the response. If this is not done, the station should be taken off air or fines maybe levied. The seller is confronted with the email and requested to file the ownership transfer document which given the simplicity of the sale, takes less than an hour online to accomplish. The seller then demands an additional 12.5% above the sale price to comply with the request to fill out the form or he will take the station off-air.

Is George Funkhouser to be the new owner of Socorro Community Radio?

In February of 2018, Socorro Community Radio LLC was revoked and not in good standing for failing to keep a registered agent on file with the New Mexico Secretary of State as an LLC licensed to do business in the State of New Mexico. As Socorro Community Radio LLC is the rightful owner of Sovereign City Radio’s and Bill Pace’s interest in KYRN inherited by Tamara Pace, it was disappointing to learn Steve Edmondson the self-proclaimed owner of Socorro Community Radio sole-proprietorship did not keep this paperwork current with New Mexico state. In his defense, he is a full time athletic director and basketball coach at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque Iowa since leaving the community of KYRN coverage in June of 2017 when he didn’t file a notice to go silent or an agreed to transfer of ownership with the FCC with Green Lion before leaving to take up his new job out of state. Green Lion LLC’s Mr. Janca in a sales agreement to purchase Socorro Community Radio upon learning this the week of February 26th, immediately drove to Santa Fe and filed as registered agent and brought Socorro Community Radio LLC in to good standing again with the New Mexico Secretary of State. Now George Funkhouser who has been to both court hearings on March 19th and April 23rd with Steve Edmondson is the new registered agent for Socorro Community Radio. Is George Funkhouser as the registered agent and recipients of equipment originally sold to Green Lion with purchase agreement for Socorro Community Radio LLC, now the Edmondson approved of owner for KYRN?

Stay tuned!

Note: Self proclaimed is chosen since a sales agreement to transfer ownership within an LLC executive management or in a transfer of ownership of an LLC to a new owner where an FCC Broadcast operational license is involved requires the FCC approve the ownership transfer either internally or externally. No such document was filed with the sales agreement between Tamara Pace and Steve Edmondson in 2014. Secondly, William H. Pace was the sole member of Socorro Community Radio LLC according to the IRS in June 2014 when Steve claimed in an FCC filing that he was the Director of the Sole Proprietorship Socorro Community Radio which is listed in 2018 as an LLC with New Mexico Secretary of State. Steve Edmondson’s ownership is then considered self-proclaimed because it has yet to be substantiated as fact.

Where is my KYRN?

  • For Sale or Fraud?
    Sale price met Silence Bestowed upon Socorro’s local radio outlet!
  • Steve Edmondson of Dubuque Iowa who entered an agreement to sell the station on May 8th 2017 and relocated to start work at Emmaus Bible College as an Athletic Director in June of 2017. Steve has refused for 9 months to file the appropriate paperwork for the ownership transfer as agreed to in the station sale and required by FCC regulations. The filing is important to give the FCC the opportunity to review and approve the ownership transfer prior to the sale being complete and control being transferred and typically takes 2 to 3 months.

    Since he refused at the FCC’s request on the 27th of February 2018 to file the ownership change form and insisted on take the station off-air, I tendered my resignation with my final day on March 23rd as manager. The station was subsequently abandoned with no new manager assigned. Currently Socorro’s only local radio broadcast outlet is off-air as of March 24th at 9:30am and Green Lion Media LLC is awaiting our court to know the future of Bill Pace’s 3 year effort from 2009 to 2012 to bring back local radio to Socorro and the Rio Grande Valley.

    We will be updating our listeners on the local courts decision right here on our web page and on our Facebook Page ‘Rio Grande Valley Radio KYRN 102.1FM’ and from our Twitter account https://twitter.com/1021MineCountry

    Tentatively Green Lion’s day in court to have our issues heard is currently scheduled in December 2018 which gives us a long road to relief. I am thankful for our listeners their support in prayers and donations! It is truly unfortunate that few protections exist to protect this type of community harm to a public resource like FM broadcast licenses and neither of the community leaders sought for early help were able to assist.

    Stay tuned and keep us in your prayers thoughts and intentions as we fix a flat tire and get rollin with the flow again!

    Reese KD7GSB

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