Rio Grande Valley Radio Local Programs
ProgramOn-Air Schedule
Roadrunner Local Events and NewsWeekly
WesternMusicDoug Figgs Western Music Show
First Aired 2/28/2017!
Wednesday Evenings
WarriorRadioWarrior Radio with Kenny G.!
Covered the 2017 Warrior Football and Basketball Season!
Sport schedule dependent
NMTechScience Roundup with NM Tech's Dave Thomas
with Dave's own science and Tech Parody songs
Every other Saturday at 10 am
Lunch Plate Special
A different era and/or genre of music from Americana to Zydeco
Weekdays at Noon!
ElDefensorChieftainHot Press Thursdays with El Defensor Chieftain's John Larson listen in and get the headlines, conversation and John's music share.Live Every Thursday morning at 8am
Keeping You Informed Local business buzz, causes of concern and event awareness in partnership with Socorro Chamber of CommerceEvery Saturday at 12:05pm
SpanishMusicLa hora de la gente!
Spanish Music with DJs Pablo and Consuelo
Sunday evenings
5pm to 7pm
The Lutheran Hour an Envoy Production sponsored by Socorro's Lutherans.Sundays @ 10:30 a.m.


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